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Yesterday I spoke at the ‘Centre For Inquiry’ event, ‘Beyond the Veil’, at Conway Hall in London. Part of my talk included some examples of EVP recordings. The plan was to play the EVP recording and ask the audience to see if they could hear what was being said, before revealing what the alleged ghost was thought to be saying as suggested by the ghost hunters who captured the sound and presented it as evidence that ghosts exist.

However, there was a problem with the audio connection to my laptop that meant this was practically impossible. So, I thought I’d put the clips up here for people to listen to. Play each one a couple of times and see if you can hear what is being said. The ‘answer’ is below. Once it is suggested to you what you are supposed to be hearing, it’s easier to recognise the words. These are auditory illusions. Enjoy!

      EVP Example one
      EVP Example two
      EVP Example three
      EVP Example four

with number five, you will hear a man say ‘wondering… why are you here?’ – the noise of interest is just before he says this.

      EVP Example five (warning: noisy! )


1 – “About time, help me.. Let me come out”

2 – “Keep out!”

3 – “Just Listen To Me”

4 – “I know those people are with you..”

5 – A horse snorting

Read my post on EVP recordings for a detailed look at alternative reasons these noises were captured.

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  1. I really enjoyed your talk. I couldn’t make anything of the first three recordings but number four definitely says “I love you Pete Lowsky”. As for number four, this definitely is not a horse snorting. The ghost is quite clearly saying “Oakley, why are you here?”

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked the talk.

      The person saying ‘Oakley, why are you here?’ is the investigator. The ‘horse’ is just before that.

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