Erica Gregory Wants to Censor Critics

Five years ago I wrote a blog post about a ghost hunting team called Worsley Paranormal who think they’re the bee’s knees. The post was called Unethical Ghost Hunters Play Detective and focussed on how this team claim to be solving mysteries related to child murderer Ian Brady and how their treatment of the surviving relatives of the murder victims was unethical and distasteful. It remains one of the most read articles on my entire blog.

we were told [by ghosts] to go look for the victims so that’s what we are doing and decoding [Ian] Brady’s letters and book Janus as we do this also – Erica Gregory, 2017

Five years has passed since I wrote that blog post. Five whole years. And yet, the founder of the team, Erica Gregory, continues to this day to post comments on my blog pointing out how little I know about their work and paranormal research in general. Gregory also continues to demand I remove all mentions of her and her group of ghost hunters from the blog.

I do not have to justify myself to ones who have no idea – Erica Gregory, 2017

These emails from Gregory seem to arrive whenever the team get some media attention – for example, they’re about to be featured on a Channel 5 programme and so I presume Erica has been Googling her name and has, once again, found my blog post about their work and has, once again left ranting comments about how wrong I am.

I would like the stupid comments about me taken down from your site – Erica Gregory, 2013

…as for giving you evidence ?.. you are a nobody so why would I? Erica Gregory, 2016

These comments were all received via email from Erica Gregory in the last few years. The same Erica Gregory who claims to not act unethically but who also forwarded onto me a confidential email to her from an ex-detective.

Keep the stupid items on [the blog] and it will be you who will be shown up when all is revealed shortly – Erica Gregory, 2013

Still waiting on that one, by the way. I don’t cave to demands of this nature. So, instead, I thought I’d make a new blog post so that I can point out that their team are a bit naff. I don’t like to attack people directly on this blog as I prefer to attack claims instead, but for Erica Gregory and her band of losers, I’m willing to make an exception.

One final quote from a Gregory email:

you did not rattle my cage

Oh, Erica. Are you sure about that?

You can read more about my thoughts on Erica Gregory and the Worsley Paranormal Team here and here. Their claims should be treated with the utmost skepticisim regardless of whether you believe in ghosts and psychics or not.

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