David Cameron: the terrible Christian

One of the teachers at my Church of England Primary School used to tell us children that a good Christian treated others as they wished to be treated themselves. She would explain that even the smallest kind gesture would make others think well of you and of your testimony in Christ. We were taught that good Christians were selfless, kind, shared, volunteered and loved their neighbour regardless of their story. Our teacher would remind us that we should live as Jesus did himself, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you Jesus said, John 13:15”, she would say “I have given you an example, that as I have done, so should you do.”

With this in mind, then, it seems that I am a better Christian that David Cameron, and I’m as rabidly atheist as they come.

His recent proclamations of religious pride come very soon after after several clashes between the coalition and the church, including a letter this week from Anglican bishops and church leaders calling on political parties to tackle food poverty.

I  happen to think that the messages and lessons we were taught from the bible at primary school can be taken out of the context of religion entirely and taught as secular values. Yet British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that non-believers, such as me and my family, fail to see that faith can give people a ‘moral code’.

A moral code? David Cameron wishes to teach us about being moral people?

The same David Cameron whose government has forced austerity onto the poorest to pay back the debt of the rich, irresponsible and selfish? whose government forces families to queue at food banks (often run by the sort of Christians that Cameron claims to be like, but isn’t) just to survive? The same man whose government punishes the sick and disabled for being sick and disabled and declares them ‘fit for work’ when they’re not and allows them to die as a result?

Fuck your moral code, David Cameron. Morals do not come from religion, they come from good people regardless of what they believe and you, the proud Christian, are living proof of that. 

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  1. Cameron is realising his government is loosing the middle class vote, essential to Tory survival, so is playing the god card, as demonstrated in the USA. This demonises all ‘others’, in this case the none religious.
    We are slowly being turned into a small America by keeping the public down via job and health care insecurity, an atmosphere of ‘others’ against us and deflection of blame to a religious icon. The comparison between the Republican party and the Tory party is quite stark and troubling.

  2. These hypothetical people who build their moral code by reading the bible, yet reject some parts of it are using a separate value system to judge those parts as immoral (or amoral) – so they obviously have a moral code before they come to the bible which they call on to make those judgements. This is very clear. The bible has many wonderful moral lessons, many horrifically immoral injunctions – we don’t use the bible to pick and choose from it, we use our current moral sense which is partly innate and partly a result of societal and cultural influences.

  3. It’s a simple equation. Cameron is terrified that the religious right in the Conservative party is defecting to UKIP over a number of issues, not least that of equal marriage. Realising that he needs the bigot vote before the right-of-centre vote is split between Con and UKIP letting Labour into power, he’s suddenly become pious to win them back. For all his faults, Nick Clegg’s an atheist, so you won’t see preaching-cum-electioneering from him.

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