Public Talks

I have spoken at international conferences since 2009 on a variety of subjects relating to the paranormal, and investigating the paranormal from a scientific approach. If you are an event organiser who is interested in me speaking at your event (including as a panellist) please feel free to get in touch. Please note that I have a speaking fee which can be negotiated or waived for charity and non-profit organisations. Despite this, there are some costs and requirements that must be met and agreed to up front. These are that:

  1. I require microphone and amplification to be provided.
  2. Where a slideshow is to be used, a laptop/pc, projector and screen should be provided. I can provide my slides on a memory stick and via file sharing online.
  3. Travel arrangements should be organised and paid for by the event organisers in advance.
  4. hotel accommodation will be required where same-day return travel is not an option. Accommodation should be booked and paid for in advance by event organisers.

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