The Worst Ghosts of 2016

22 December, 2016 1

Welcome to the 2016 instalment of my “Worst Ghosts” yearly summary tradition! I’ve been looking back at the year just passed and choosing the worst ghosts to have made the headlines each year since 2011. […]

Battles With Everyday Bigots: On Tolerance and Tolerance

24 November, 2016 0

Tolerance is created when people from different social groups celebrate their commonalities and their differences as positive things. Establishing connections with the diverse range of people around you makes it difficult to hold onto deep-rooted […]

Thoughts from QEDcon 2016

18 October, 2016 3

In the past, I have questioned whether I belong to the skeptic movement or skeptic community. To be honest, I’ve never really been sure what they actually are, but after spending four days in Manchester […]

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