Ghost Hunters vs. Paranormal Investigators

17 May, 2015 4

Confirmation bias, according to its Wikipedia entry, is ‘the tendency to search for, interpret, or recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses’ and we’re all prone to this bias even when […]

Ghost Hunters Disturb Robbery, Raise Questions

19 April, 2015 9

A Paranormal Investigation team in Derby have disturbed and stopped a robbery happening in a location they were investigating over night. According to the Derby Telegraph¬†‘ghostbusters had been invited in to investigate spooky goings-on at […]

The Anti-Science Bias Of Ghost Hunters

11 April, 2015 6

I wrote previously about a research team at Clarkson University headed up by Professor Shane Rogers that seek to establish whether there is a link between air quality and strange experiences people often associate with […]

Para-Unity Makes A Mockery Of Everybody

31 March, 2015 4

Para-unity. It’s all that a lot of ghost hunters go on about these days and it gives me a headache because on the surface it’s presented as a movement to bond the diverse people involved […]

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