Ghost Hunting is So Gay

7 July, 2018 1

Ghost hunters are unregulated and unlicensed, and in the 10+ years that I’ve been involved in this scene I have witnessed all sorts of horrifying things enacted under the bridge of ghost research; psychic healing […]

Piers Morgan is Fake News

2 July, 2018 1

I never thought I’d write about Piers Morgan on this blog, but here goes… It’s really good to ask questions and to not accept claims at face value. I think it’s an integral part of […]

Aggressively so

23 July, 2017 1

So, here’s the thing. One of the central lessons I learned after becoming involved with skepticism is that a bad idea deserves to be called out for what it is, and that at the core […]

The Self-Isolating Atheist

14 January, 2017 2

Over on FreeThoughtBlogs P Z Myers has written a piece titled Dogma comes in many flavours and talks about how many atheists are not worried about challenging dogmatic religious beliefs, but when it comes to other deep-rooted […]

What’s The Deal With Self-Styled Exorcists?

14 January, 2016 0

Ghost Hunters claiming to clear spirits from a property is nothing new and yet many people who offer this nonsense service brand themselves as exorcists and they seem to be as popular as ever. So, what’s […]

My grandfather died

20 December, 2015 7

On November 1st 2015 my lovely grandfather- Pappy, as we called him -died. We knew he was going to die because he had dementia and had suffered two strokes, that didn’t make it any easier, […]

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