Don Philips Plays The Science Game. Loses.

28 October, 2014 13

According to Mike Lockley of the Birmingham Mail, paranormal researcher Don Philips ‘has allowed scientists to pore over his unique talents and emerged with reputation untarnished.’ When I read this I had to do a […]

Don Philips: the desperate ghost hunter

11 June, 2014 17

“Even if it’s really quiet, my ears are quite tuned to hearing these guys. We’re actually communicating with them on a device that’s not actually made for communicating with spirits – it’s a digital recorder. The […]

Don Philips Surpasses Himself!

29 May, 2012 8

I’ve blogged before about the unprofessional and unethical antics of Don Philip who promotes himself as a top investigator of ghost phenomena in the UK. With numerous TV appearances and public events to his name it is […]

FAO: Don Philips, the ghost hunter.

9 December, 2011 9

After my blog post yesterday about how some ghost hunters were behaving irrationally over the recent discovery of a buried cottage at Pendle Hill I thought it only right to let those I mentioned by […]

Grow up, Mr Philips!

1 February, 2012 2

I really don’t want to write much more about Don Philips and the GSI UK team because I have much more important stuff to be concentrating on but Don just doesn’t seem to understand my […]

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