So, I Deleted my Patreon…

21 Aug, 2018 0

A while ago, I signed up for Patreon and for a while I received support from a number of awesome people. Their money helped me cover hosting costs, research costs and more, and for that […]

I Am Working Class.

17 Aug, 2018 0

I am working class. I know the nitty-gritty, get yer hands dirty, get stuck in, have a cuppa.I know the trust y’neighbour, love yer family, take care of each other. I know the no illusions, […]

A Ghost Hunter’s Catch-22

17 Aug, 2018 1

It has been almost a year since mum died and I feel as though I’m walking on egg shells. I’m under the watchful gaze of people wondering how a non-believing ghost researcher will fare in […]

Whatever Happened to the Skeptic Dream?

8 Aug, 2018 7

A recent popular Twitter thread written by Tracy King considered the collapse of the UK Skeptic movement. I’ve some thoughts on this. King wrote: ‘The organised skepticism movement was successfully imported from USA to UK […]

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