Rouislip Community Centre Ghost Footage

20 February, 2013 4

*update* I may have been a bit hasty with my opinion on the CCTV ghost reported in The Metro. Bob Dezon has pointed out that a similar effect can be created usingĀ Adobe After Effects as […]

UFO over Somerset: Initial speculation

18 February, 2013 5

The ‘This is Somerset’ news website reported on photos taken by local photographer Annie Henderson that shows an odd and unidentified object in the sky. The object appears to be fiery orange and red, and travelling […]

Why is there a Skeptical Movement?

6 February, 2013 0

I would implore all readers of my blog to go and read this wonderful guide written by Daniel Loxton. It is called ‘Why is there a Skeptical Movement?‘ The ongoing work of the Skeptics Society […]

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