Looking ahead at 2014

27 December, 2013 10

I feel as though I have gone through a big change this year and it is partly because I read ‘Heretics’ by Will Storr. I wrote a review and my thoughts on the book here, […]


20 December, 2013 0

There is an interview with me on Episode 32 of The CUSP (The completely Unnecessary Skeptical Podcast). ¬†You can listen by clicking here (excuse the sore throat, I’m currently battling a throat and ear infection. […]

The 5 Worst Ghosts of 2013

20 December, 2013 0

This year was lacking in ghost stories that took me into the field to investigate and I’m hoping that 2014 will remedy that with ghouls to chase and phantoms to fight. While I wait for […]

Whistable… not so haunted.

17 December, 2013 2

Turns out that Whitstable might not be so haunted after all (who knew) and that all the recent ghost related news stories coming out of there were for a Channel 4 television show called ‘The […]

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