Turning your back on nonsense

26 June, 2012 7

In reflecting my previous blog post called ‘When claims of authority fall flat on their face’ I realise I was too quick to judge the Bomber County Paranormal team. Since writing my criticism is has […]

The lies we tell ourselves

24 June, 2012 2

The money and time I invested in ghost research as a belief-led investigator, and the importance my belief in ghosts and an afterlife held in my life at the time meant that it was really […]

Update: The Cheltenham horror story

18 June, 2012 2

Today I phoned up the Gloucestershire Echo about the ghost photo story they ran on June 15th and explained how it was a fake photo and how it was done. The journalist was unaware of […]

Fake ghosts: a horror story in Cheltenham

16 June, 2012 7

[TRIGGER WARNING: Infant death] Update: I got in touch with the news paper, read here>> The Gloucestershire Echo ran a story about a Cheltenham resident, John Gore, who claims to have captured the ghost of […]

The Ethics of Ghost Research

5 June, 2012 14

When I first got involved in paranormal research as a teenager I thought a good code of conduct looked like the one that can be found here. Most people who get involved in paranormal research […]

“There’s no such thing as ghosts”.

4 June, 2012 5

“There’s no such thing as ghosts”, “There’s no such thing as lake monsters”, “There’s no such thing as fairies. The burden of proof is something that people get acquainted with pretty early on when they become aware of the […]

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