Winners: QEDcon fundraising

Those who donated to the ‘Get People to QEDcon fund’ were entered into a prize draw. Those who entered £10 got entered once, £20 twice, £30 three times, and so on. Now that donations have been closed I have drawn the winners for the ELEVEN prize bundles. I have also drawn the winners for the free QEDcon tickets that were funded through these donations. The winners are…

Well, no. Let’s wait for that a bit. Here are the prize bundles…

Bundle 1 – All four of Simon Singh’s books, signed by the man himself (Fermant’s Last Theorem, Big Band, The Code Book, Trick or Treatment?)
Bundle 2 – Both of Bruce Hood’s books (The Self Illusion and The Science of Superstition aka Supersense) and a one year subscription to The Skeptic (donated kindly by editor Deborah Hyde)
Bundle 3 – Lost at Sea, the lastest book written and signed by Jon Ronson. This is No. 1 of 200 numbered copies of the first edition.

Bundle 4 – The signed ‘Three wise monkey’s’ photo of Adam Savage, Phil Plait, and Richard Wiseman

Bundle 5 – a one year subscription to The Skeptic
Bundle 6 – a one year subscription to The Skeptic

Bundle 7 – A one year subscription to The Skeptic, the proof copy of Jesus & Mo ‘Foile a Dieu’ signed by ‘author’, a signed copy of Suckers by Rose Shapiro, and a Evolution Fish car decal in the shape of a cuttlefish from Cuttlefish Poet (donated by Kylie Sturgess)
Bundle 8 – The Scope of Skepticism signed and written by the lovely Kylie Sturgess, The Young Atheists Handbook signed by the author Alom Shaha, and 2 creationism DVD’s (just because…)

Bundle 9 – A signed copy of Suckers by Rose Shapiro, A signed copy of Paranormality by Richard Wiseman, A signed copy of ‘Treehouse’ by Ned Evett, and a sculpture used in the Stop Motion music Video for Ned Evett’s ‘bend me’.
Bundle 10 – a one year subscription to The Skeptic

Bundle 11 – A Ten23 shirt in Hebrew, donated by Daphne Shezaf – a Tel Aviv skeptic.

So… the winners are..

Soren Kongstad wins bundle 1!
Shelly Poole wins bundle 2!
Lee Christie wins bundle 3!
David Skinner wins bundle 4!
J.M. wins bundle 5!
Oliver Collett wins bundle 6!
Sven Rudloff wins bundle 7!
Gerald Uba wins bundle 8!
Tom Hail wins bundle 9!
Andrew Merritt wins bundle 10!
Howard Lewis wins bundle 11!

Your prizes will be dispatched shortly!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated money to the fund. You have all managed to help me surpass my target of 10 tickets by a long shot, and that makes you all very hoopy froods in my book.

Ticket winners

Kayleigh Monks

Bevin Flynn

Ben Doran

Amy Oliver

Jamie Smith

Matthew Dickman


Andy Boa

Matthew Bunyan

Louise Rumsey

Joanna Hockey

Georgina Ellerby

Robert Edwards

Jess Brown

Congrats to you all, and commiserations to those who applied and didn’t win.

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2 Comments on Winners: QEDcon fundraising

  1. Woohoo! Good job Haley! You should get a prize for going to this effort to get the 10 people into QEDcon. Get a picture of the 11 of you to post here, if you can get get 10 other skeptics to converge on you at the same time. :-)

  2. The package arrived in yesterday’s post. Thank you!

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