Boris bikes for BoA? Donelan is cycling up the wrong track

17 May, 2014 // 2 Comments

On May 13th Mayor of London, Boris Johnson visited the local area and spent some time chatting to Michelle Donelan (who is standing to be the next Member of Parliament for the Chippenham constituency which covers Chippenham, Corsham, Bradford on Avon, Melksham and the surrounding villages) who, on her blog, states how she asked Johnson for his [...]

The latest Beast of Trowbridge photo is a Hoax

17 August, 2013 // 12 Comments

The latest photo of the Beast of Trowbridge Some of my fellow Wiltshire residents have been very, very naughty people and I am not amused. The Wiltshire Times recently broke the story that the legendary Beast of Trowbridge had recently been spotted in Winsley by a couple who were out walking. The beast is thought to be some type of a big cat [...]

This is not the snake you are looking for

25 July, 2012 // 0 Comments

My local paper, The Wiltshire Times, ran a story on Monday 23rd July detailing how the owner of a six-foot-long Boa Constrictor in Chippenahm, Wiltshire informed police that the snake was missing which prompted a police investigation into its whereabouts. They asked anyone with information about where the snake is to contact the police via the [...]

Religious Bullies

10 July, 2012 // 1 Comment

Cross posted from The Heresy Club Last week the The Wiltshire Times reported that Forty Sikh militants locked themselves in the Kembrey Street temple in Swindon to stop a Sikh woman marrying a Christian man of West African background. They locked the doors and gates of the Gurdwara, near Kembrey Park, before leaving more than six hours later. [...]

My first visit to a crop circle

4 May, 2011 // 6 Comments

“Crop circles are boring! Why not visit something like Avebury instead?” I grumbled into my microphone during the recording of another episode of the Righteous Indignation podcast. It was a few months ago now, but the words echoed through my head as I waded through chest-deep rape seed oil crop, trying to locate the centre of the crop [...]