I Want To Believe: Will The X-Files Reboot Turn People Into Believers?

There have been lots of X-Files-related posts across my social media accounts recently as the relaunch fast approaches (with Greg and Dana of Planet Weird accounting for at least 70% of the Mulder and Scully stuff appearing on my Facebook feed.) Mixed in with these have been concerns from my more sceptically-inclined friends about what the return of Mulder and Scully will mean for the paranormal belief and susceptibility of the general public. Continue reading I Want To Believe: Will The X-Files Reboot Turn People Into Believers?

Television Clones: When Ghost Hunting Goes BAD!

The Thorne and District Gazette ran a story recently about how a reporter for the paper spent some time with ‘professional ghost hunters’ at Cusworth Hall which is rumoured to be haunted. When reading the piece and watching the accompanying video it becomes clear very quickly that the alleged professional ghost hunters are, in fact, a ghost tourism organisation called Simply Ghost Nights.

I call them a ghost tourism organisation as it’s difficult to find another way to describe groups like Simply Ghost Nights because, although most ghost tourism organisations present themselves as paranormal research teams or present their ghost hunts as a form of paranormal research, what actually occurs when they’re at a venue is anything but research. Continue reading Television Clones: When Ghost Hunting Goes BAD!

Psychic Today fined by OFCOM

In a move that might brighten the day of those left disappointed and angry by Sally Morgan’s success in court yesterday, OFCOM has reported that it imposed a financial penalty of £12,5000 on Majestic TV Limited who are responsible for ‘Psychic Today’ which is broadcast on Sky Channel 886. The show is a typical Psychic Reading show that encourages viewers to phone the Premium Rate Telephone service (or to send a text message in) to obtain psychic readings either live with one of the presenters on the screen, or in private with an off air psychic.

OFCOM found that three pieces of advertising content broadcast on Psychic Today between May and June 2012 breached UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP) rules 15.5.3 and 15.5.2 Continue reading Psychic Today fined by OFCOM

Paranormal Investigation: Live

I’m feeling rather frustrated and annoyed and it’s all because of an advert I just saw on LivingTV. It was for a program called ‘Paranormal Investigation: Live’ in which, the trailer says, two paranormal research teams – “one using spiritual methods & one science” will investigate one of England’s most haunted locations to see “what proof they can uncover” on “the most haunted night of the year”. Continue reading Paranormal Investigation: Live