The real reason I took on ‘Healing on the Streets’

I am on this weeks Pod Delusion episode talking about the whole story surrounding the ‘Healing on the Streets’ and ASA story – from the very beginning to the very end. It was the first time I’ve really ever gone into detail about the health conditions that led me to be so ruthless when it comes to challenging evidence-less health claims. You should head over to the Pod Delusion site, subscribe and have a listen today – however I’ve lifted a tiny bit of what I wrote for the episode so that I can explain here what it is that motivated me to keep an eye out for people making claims about being able to treat or heal health conditions in a way that has no evidential basis. Continue reading The real reason I took on ‘Healing on the Streets’

How Not To React To Constructive Criticism

If you believe in ghosts and you base that belief on ideas that are not rooted in evidence or facts then the chances are that somebody at some point is going to question you about them. If you start making factual-sounding claims based on those beliefs that aren’t evidence based, then it’s very likely somebody is going to question those claims. When your claims are questioned because they do not seem to be logical and you are not providing evidence to back them up you shouldn’t be surprised, and it is not out of order for someone to question you like that. The ‘burden of proof’ always lays with the person making the claim. It is arrogant of anybody to expect other people to simply accept them at their word without providing any other evidence to support the claims they are making. If your claims are questioned then you should be willing to either back your claims up by providing the evidence they’re based on (and if there is none, perhaps that should speak volumes to you), or be open minded and be willing to accept that you might be wrong. Continue reading How Not To React To Constructive Criticism

The Denkfest Blogging Panel

I have just discovered a video by Youtube user ‘SwissTopper’ from the blogging panel that I was part of at the Denkfest last week. The panel took place on the first day of the conference, and although it was 90 minutes in length this video is a selection of the ‘best bits’. Enjoy!

A blogger blogs about Denkfest

There is a  lot to be said for people who will pay to visit the beautiful city of Zurich and spend most of their time sitting in a darkened hall geeking out on science – however one word would be sufficient to sum them up, and that word is diverse.

It took me a while to think of that word; a word that would do the last four days justice, as what I experienced at Denkfest in Zurich was beyond anything I’ve really experienced before. Continue reading A blogger blogs about Denkfest