Week In Summary: #BlackLivesMatter, NASA, and Pokémon

Welcome to another curated list of interesting stuff that I’ve discovered online this week. It’s a bit longer than usual but a lot of stuff has happened that I think needs to feature, so without further ado… Continue reading Week In Summary: #BlackLivesMatter, NASA, and Pokémon

The Police Should Use Psychics? Let’s All Freak Out!

The Telegraph have reported that ‘Psychic help finding missing people should not be ruled out, police officers told’

‘What in the Sam Hell is this bullshit from the UK College of Policing?’ asks Doubtful News, ‘Where do they get the foundation? Taxpayers may not be pleased.’

Firstly, calm down. This is not the College of Policing saying that psychics are real or that psychic insight is a valid form of investigation to be used in missing persons cases. They’re actually just holding a consultation about investigation practices in missing persons cases to make sure they are doing the right things with their resources. It runs until October. As a UK tax payer I am pleased that such consultations happen. Continue reading The Police Should Use Psychics? Let’s All Freak Out!

Are Calls To The Police About Ghosts Wasting Police Time?

In 1977 when single mother Peggy Hodgson first witnessed strange noises and furniture seeming to move on its own she called the police. One of the constables that responded to her call witnessed a chair slide across the floor but ‘could not determine the cause of the movement.’[1] The incident would later become part of the Enfield Poltergeist case in which numerous eyewitnesses reported strange incidents that they could not explain.  Continue reading Are Calls To The Police About Ghosts Wasting Police Time?

Some people need to STFU

In an interview in The Sun newspaper today Sally Morgan has revealed how the aftermath of the accusations that she was a cheat and using an earpiece during her shows threw her into a suicidal depression. The article in The Sun includes details of harassment that Sally Morgan suffered at the hands of people once the accusations made the headlines.

It led to a huge backlash from sceptics who posted messages and death threats on her fan pages. Sally recalled: “I had people calling me a fat whore and saying, ‘You should be beheaded’. I even had someone who we had to report to the police. She got hold of my private number and would call me up and shout obscenities and leave horrible messages.

Continue reading Some people need to STFU