A Face At The Window?

Quite a lot of people have been in touch with me about a recent ghost photo that has been doing the rounds. At first I wasn’t going to write about it at all as I’ve seen it covered elsewhere. However given the amount of people getting in touch via my site I’ll share my thoughts here. The BBC recently ran a piece on a photograph thought to show the apparition of a ghost with a feature on their site titled ‘Raised spirits on demolition site in Cumbria’. A photo was taken of a building about to be demolished by those who were conducting the work, and when the demolition worker returned home and uploaded the photos his wife spotted the apparition that many believe to be the spirit of a deceased woman who used to live on the site. Continue reading

My adventure with the ghost of Tantallon Castle

So I conquered a castle. As you do. It felt like I did, or at least that a lot of energy was put into getting to the castle which I see as equal to conquering it – even though I wasn’t invading as such. It was a 3 mile walk, okay? It took over an hour to get there and it was “enjoyable” (or so I’m told. I didn’t find that part enjoyable, but rather, painful due to a sore leg and heavy handbag.) I had been told by Ashley Pryce that there was a bus to the castle that we could jump on from the train station in North Berwick, but there wasn’t. Continue reading

Revisiting Bownessie

In my initial article considering the case of the “Bownessie” lake monster in detail, I concluded that I felt that the most likely cause for the various sightings of the monster was simple misidentification of fish, objects and other animals in the lake. After I published my article online I received feedback from one of the eyewitnesses, Linden Adams, who took the first photo that allegedly shows the monster in the lake. Continue reading