How To Survive While Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting can be a dangerous hobby, and I’m not just talking about the furniture being thrown at you by invisible angry people or the risk of being possessed by Satan. I started to actively hunt for ghosts at the age of eighteen, and with a small group of others, I would visit businesses and homes after the sun had set to see if we could find evidence of the paranormal. We’d mimic what we saw on paranormal television shows because we knew no better, and we would ask empty rooms “is there anybody here with us? Give us a sign of your presence” in voices that we attempted to make sound mysterious and yet business-like. Continue reading

Ethical issues in Spontaneous Phenomena Investigations: An interview with Dave Wood & CJ Romer

I interviewed Dave Wood, the chairman of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomlous Phenomena (ASSAP) and CJ Romer, a highly regarded phenomena investigator, about the ethics of ghost hunting for Episode 105 of the Righteous Indignation Podcast. Below is a transcript of the interview… Continue reading