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Erica Gregory Wants to Censor Critics

Five years ago I wrote a blog post about a ghost hunting team called Worsley Paranormal who think they’re the bee’s knees. The post was called Unethical Ghost Hunters Play Detective and focussed on how this team claim to be solving mysteries related to child murderer Ian Brady and how their treatment of the surviving relatives of the murder victims was unethical and distasteful. It remains one of the most read articles on my entire blog.

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I get mail from angry ghost hunters…

I’ve written previously about the Worsley Paranormal Team on my blog here, and also as a guest writer for the Young Australian Skeptics here. The group investigate Saddleworth moor and have claimed to find items that are linked to the murders of the victims of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, including Keith Bennett whose body has never been found. The evidence they provide is typical of a pseudo-scientific paranormal investigation team – electronic voice phenomena and such, most of which can be found on either their team website here or their active Facebook Page here.

Today I received an email through my website from the team founder, Erica Gregory, explaining that my criticisms were stupid and I ‘obviously have no idea about the paranormal to state things that you don’t know anything about’. ¬†Erica also hinted that I should possibly consider removing the blog post or criticisms and point out how wrong I have been, providing a link that apparently would clear my allegedly ill-informed remarks up. Continue reading


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