Closed Minds at Skeptic Events, or: How Skeptics In The Pub Helped Perfect My ‘Bitch, Please’ Face

Hayley speaking at an event

I once sat on a panel about Youtube skepticism at QEDcon with Myles Power who has a really interesting Youtube channel. Power has delivered two different talks to Skeptics in the Pub groups around the UK – the first of these talks was about AIDS denialism (and how it’s bad, obviously) and the second about the misconceptions around GMOs. Power recently released a Youtube video about the reaction he received to his GMO talk and how the crowds he spoke to were lukewarm at best and at worst openly hostile.  Continue reading

Do 34% Of Brits Believe In Ghosts?

The Sun newspaper recently commissioned a poll from YouGov to see what percentage of the population believed in paranormal things, such as haunted houses, ghosts, and the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. They found that ‘one in four British people (39%) believe that a house can be haunted by some kind of supernatural being, and almost as many (34%) think that ghosts actually exist.’ Continue reading