The Folly of Ghost Hunters

I started ghost hunting just after I turned Eighteen. I didn’t know anything about the subculture that is ghost hunting culture and the two years that followed me starting up a paranormal research team were eye-opening and a bit scary at times. Just prior to losing my belief in ghosts I was screamed at down the phone by the founder of another local ghost hunting team who threatened to attack me, and yet another local team sabotaged many of the ghost hunts that my co-founder had organised for us. Continue reading

Leave the ghosts alone Part II

An earlier blog of mine titled ‘Leave the ghosts alone’ has caused some confusion with some who have read it. I have seen a number of replies on my blog and elsewhere, where people can’t understand how I can think it is unethical for people to be disresepctful towards what they believe to be ghosts when ghosts don’t exist. If ghosts aren’t real you can’t disrespect them, after all. This is true, but you can disrespect their memory. Not to mention, the behaviour I wrote about goes much further than just taunting ghosts who aren’t there. Continue reading

Spirit clearing; unethical nonsense

There was a time in my life when I owned a smudge stick with the sole purpose of using it to banish any evil spirit I might come across. I saved it and saved it and saved it until the one time things would get so out of hand I’d have to use it. I still have it somewhere. On the other occasions when mediums or psychics I was working with told me there was a negative energy in the building we were investigating I would simply say a protective chant such as “apage satanas” (Latin for “be gone Satan”) or I would ask for white light to protect us and banish the darkness. Continue reading

A ghost hunters privilege

The hundreds of ghost hunting teams in the UK create a unique market that can be sold products and services that the normal consumer wouldn’t consider parting with their money for. From Iphone applications and devices that are supposed to be able to help you work out if a ghost is causing a reported oddity, books on how to hunt ghosts and personalised team clothing, to¬†guaranteed¬†time at the top haunted hot spots across the country. Continue reading