2002 Called. It Wants Its Most Haunted Concept Back.

Night vision camcorders, Wide eyed team members staring off into the distance and gasping at noises and shadows, Derek Acorah… no, this isn’t Most Haunted that I’m describing. It’s Past Hunters.

You know, Past Hunters… those guys who are going to ‘change the paranormal for the better’ by… er, doing the same as everyone else. You may know of them because of the number of recent news articles about them capturing a ghost on film at Tutbury Castle… you know, that odd shadow they caught that looks like it’s wearing cargo pants and a hoodie? The shadow ghost that’s on the wall when most reported sightings of shadow ghosts suggests they move around independently? Yeah. Continue reading 2002 Called. It Wants Its Most Haunted Concept Back.

You’re Probably Not The Scientific Ghost Researcher You Think You Are

Many people involved in paranormal research think that they are scientific when they’re actually using dodgy science instead. This makes them no better than those people who used biased methods of spirit communication, like ouija boards, psychics or dowsing rods even though they probably think quite the opposite.

Just over a month ago I wrote a piece exploring how methodologies set apart paranormal researchers from ghost hunters. I wrote that ‘a ghost hunter is someone who literally hunts or searches for ghosts and doesn’t seem to realise (or care) that this means they are using a completely biased methodology because they use tools and methods that assist in their quest to prove that they are encountering a ghost.’ Continue reading You’re Probably Not The Scientific Ghost Researcher You Think You Are

Ghost Hunters vs. Paranormal Investigators

Confirmation bias, according to its Wikipedia entry, is ‘the tendency to search for, interpret, or recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses’ and we’re all prone to this bias even when we think we’re not. In fact I think it’s fair to say that we’re really good at thinking we’re not biased when we actually are. This is why scientists introduce controls to their studies and get their peers to review and replicate their research to ensure that their results are not biased or flawed. Continue reading Ghost Hunters vs. Paranormal Investigators

Ghost Hunters Disturb Robbery, Raise Questions

A Paranormal Investigation team in Derby have disturbed and stopped a robbery happening in a location they were investigating over night. According to the Derby Telegraph ‘ghostbusters had been invited in to investigate spooky goings-on at the building, including odd noises. But, during their session at the business, the team from Derby Paranormal Group went downstairs after hearing noises and found two men raiding the premises. The thieves fled after being discovered but took several items with them.’ Continue reading Ghost Hunters Disturb Robbery, Raise Questions