Are Ghost Orbs Really Still a Thing?

In 2012 I delivered a talk about ghost research at a CFI UK conference at Conway Hall. Unknown to me, a man towards the rear of the hall became visibly angered during my talk and during the Q&A session he stood up and accused me of mischaracterising ghost researchers. Why? Because a small portion of my speech touched upon orb phenomena which many ghost hunters class as the first stage of spirit manifestation. Ghosts, it is often said, then manifest in other forms before becoming an apparition. However, my critic was having none of it and to paraphrase him, “ghost hunters do not believe that. Only those on the very fringes present orbs as evidence.” Continue reading Are Ghost Orbs Really Still a Thing?

Update: The Cheltenham horror story

Today I phoned up the Gloucestershire Echo about the ghost photo story they ran on June 15th and explained how it was a fake photo and how it was done. The journalist was unaware of the iPhone app that had been used and explained to me that she has since been in touch with John Gore about the story who has told her he believes he has been ‘had’ by a friend. It turns out John didn’t take the photo, but it was taken by a friend and shown to him as a genuine ghost photo. The journalist told me that a follow up will be written about this which should hopefully prevent the spread of this misinformation.