Gail Parminter on Gender & Advertising

Gail Parminter gave a talk at TEDx Bradford on Avon in 2012 about gender and advertising. I was present for this event but re-visited this talk recently after finding this article about a patronising advert selling bourbon.

They patronise both women and the majority of men as dumb sissies.

I drink bourbon… I also build my own furniture… who are these people trying to sell their products to, the small number of people they’ve managed not to patronise?

Anyway, Gail Parminter’s talk was really insightful so I’m sharing here as part of my ‘Interesting Things’ feature.

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Brains or Beauty? Meh.

My mum sometimes reads ‘Take a Break’ magazine and I sneak a look to see what sort of features they’re running that might be of interest to the more skeptically minded woman. Today’s find was a readers vote asking:  ‘What gets you further in life – being clever or looking good? Would you prefer to be like TV presenter Mary Beard, who had a PhD from Cambridge University, or pretty reality star Amy Childs, who once asked ‘where’s North London?’

The results came is at 71% for Brains and 29% for Beauty, and I whispered a little ‘hooray!’ for Mary Beard who came under misogynistic scrutiny from AA Gill when she front-lined the fascinating and captivating BBC programme ‘Meet the Romans’. Continue reading Brains or Beauty? Meh.