The “Explain That” Game

Earlier this month I found myself in the unfortunate position of having no choice but to suffer as a radio presenter fired ghost anecdote after ghost anecdote at me. He’d collected them from his listeners and then demanded that I solve them right there on the other end of the telephone while live in air with no prior warning. It was unfair, dullĀ and after the third time that I politely reminded him I couldn’t answer the cases being presented to me becauseĀ that’s not how this works I’d had enough and regretted agreeing to go on the show in the first place. Continue reading The “Explain That” Game

A memory experiment & the Queen

A while ago I asked visitors to my blog to sign up for a quick, easy memory experiment and those willing to take part filled in a form that was emailed to me. Read on to find out more about the experiment and the results. Continue reading A memory experiment & the Queen