The 360 Solution

I liken my paranormal research to solving one of those picture puzzles where you’re not told what the final picture will be. You can have lots of pieces of the puzzle that make up some image that is sort of recognisable, but without all of the pieces of the puzzle it is nearly impossible to say for sure what the final picture looks like. In this analogy the picture puzzle is the case of phenomena being investigated, the final picture is the rational conclusion, and the missing pieces of the puzzle are the bits of information that I, as an investigator, have to try and find in order to work out the rational conclusion to the case. Continue reading The 360 Solution

Give us a wave, Bownessie!


2014 bownessie full picture
A view of the original photo (screen capped)

It’s 2014, and after an absence from the media of quite some time, the Bownessie lake monster has made headlines once more. Mr Matt Benefield got in touch with the West Morland Gazette to say he thought he might have captured the mysterious beast in a photograph he took when walking in Windermere on January 12th. Continue reading Give us a wave, Bownessie!

‘I know what I saw’: a lesson in diplomacy

When I deliver talks to younger audiences my talks tend to focus on two ‘rules’.

1 – What we see isn’t always what is there;
2 – What we remember isn’t always what happened;

Our perception of things around us is often flawed for numerous reasons – we are pattern seeking creatures who see meaning where there is none. That meaning might be animals in clouds, knocking noises that seem to respond to questions you ask in a haunted house, or a picture frame falling off of the wall as you think about your deceased father. It might be a translucent figure in a photograph taken while on holiday, or it might be voice-like sounds on your Dictaphone when you heard none at the time of recording. Continue reading ‘I know what I saw’: a lesson in diplomacy

Religious Healing Claims not exempt from CAP Codes

Today the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) advised via their website that claims of Religious and Spiritual Healing are not exempt from being found to breach CAP Codes stating ‘Rule 12.2 prohibits marketers from discouraging essential treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought. ¬†They should not offer specific advice on, diagnosis of or treatment for such conditions unless that advice, diagnosis or treatment is conducted under the supervision of a suitably qualified health professional.’¬†

They cited specific claims that would be in breach of CAP codes with examples of times such claims had been made by religious organisations and also used as an example my successful complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about the claims being made by the ‘Healing on the Streets’ organisation in Bath who claimed that their god could heal everything from colds and broken bones to HIV and crippling disease. Continue reading Religious Healing Claims not exempt from CAP Codes