Television Clones: When Ghost Hunting Goes BAD!

The Thorne and District Gazette ran a story recently about how a reporter for the paper spent some time with ‘professional ghost hunters’ at Cusworth Hall which is rumoured to be haunted. When reading the piece and watching the accompanying video it becomes clear very quickly that the alleged professional ghost hunters are, in fact, a ghost tourism organisation called Simply Ghost Nights.

I call them a ghost tourism organisation as it’s difficult to find another way to describe groups like Simply Ghost Nights because, although most ghost tourism organisations present themselves as paranormal research teams or present their ghost hunts as a form of paranormal research, what actually occurs when they’re at a venue is anything but research. Continue reading

What about us? Invisibility and why enough is enough.

There was once a moment when I thought really long and hard before I finally realised that I couldn’t remember what it was like to have no hearing impairment. The realisation made me sad because it felt like I’d lost something very special, but it also helped me come to terms with the fact that roughly half of my ability to hear had been destroyed by a series of growths that had gone undetected deep within my ear.

When it was revealed just how much damage had been done I realised that things wouldn’t change drastically, but that they would change. I was right. I think I probably unintentionally ignore people about Five times a day, say ‘what?’ about Ten, almost punch people who have approached me from behind without me hearing them too often, and nearly get hit by those cars with practically silent engines at least a couple of times a week. Continue reading