Don Philips Surpasses Himself!

I’ve blogged before about the¬†unprofessional¬†and unethical antics of Don Philip who promotes himself as a top investigator of ghost phenomena in the UK. With numerous TV appearances and public events to his name it is quite worrying. Today Steve Parsons posted a screengrab from Don Philips on Facebook that blew away anything I’ve blogged about in the past. Continue reading Don Philips Surpasses Himself!

Leave the ghosts alone Part II

An earlier blog of mine titled ‘Leave the ghosts alone’ has caused some confusion with some who have read it. I have seen a number of replies on my blog and elsewhere, where people can’t understand how I can think it is unethical for people to be disresepctful towards what they believe to be ghosts when ghosts don’t exist. If ghosts aren’t real you can’t disrespect them, after all. This is true, but you can disrespect their memory. Not to mention, the behaviour I wrote about goes much further than just taunting ghosts who aren’t there. Continue reading Leave the ghosts alone Part II