Don Philips Still Playing The Science Game. Still Losing.

In the last few months, I have had a number of conversations with people who have found my previous blog posts about Don Philips. Philips, it seems, along with Steve Mera, has been causing a fair bit of concern states side with their claims and research ethics. Continue reading

Unethical ghost hunters play detective

Murdered Keith Bennett’s remains are still missing decades after he was killed by Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. In 2012 Keith’s mother Winnie Johnson passed away which generated a lot of press coverage of the cold case. Her tireless attempts to discover the final resting place of her son, and the refusal of Ian Brady to tell anyone touched and angered most who heard the story. When Winnie sadly passed away not knowing where her son was buried I told my brother that I doubted it’d be too long before ghost hunters and psychics descended onto the Moors, claiming to know something that others have never known. I didn’t think it’d happen so soon. Continue reading

Don Philips Surpasses Himself!

I’ve blogged before about the¬†unprofessional¬†and unethical antics of Don Philip who promotes himself as a top investigator of ghost phenomena in the UK. With numerous TV appearances and public events to his name it is quite worrying. Today Steve Parsons posted a screengrab from Don Philips on Facebook that blew away anything I’ve blogged about in the past. Continue reading

Intimidation as a distraction

You may remember that a while ago I blogged about a man called Don Philips who is involved with a paranormal group called GSI UK. After I was critical of the methods they used on investigations I was subjected to abuse from Don. You can read about it here and here, but to summarise the experience – rather than answer the criticisms as I had offered him the chance to he ranted and raved online about how GSI were being attacked because of how good they were. I’m not at all surprised to discover that Don Philips has been doing the same recently in response to a media student who dared to email Don to get his side of a story. Continue reading