Why I’ll No Longer Speak at ‘Seriously Strange’

Hayley speaking at an event

I was invited to speak at the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena’s [ASSAP] upcoming ‘Seriously Strange’ conference at the University of Bath in September 2017. I accepted the invitation and Continue reading

Thoughts from QEDcon ’13

Last weekend was QEDcon. Hundreds of skeptics, scientists and geeks of all types converged to celebrate reason and critical thinking in good company¬†in the city of Manchester. I attended with my brother who didn’t identify as a skeptic or an atheist – it was his first conference of this kind and I was excited to see what he would make of it. He loved it and has now plundered my bookcase of many skeptical books. Thank you to everyone who made him feel welcomed and inspired him. You can follow him on Twitter @charlies91.

Lots of people have written very good summaries of the weekend but I’m not very good at those sorts of things because I find it difficult to take away decent summaries of everything that I saw that involves more than ‘wow’ or ‘woah‘. There were a lot of great and inspiring talks covering a whole range of subjects and I felt lucky to be present for the whole event – especially the Saturday evening entertainment that made me weep with laughter. Continue reading

A blogger blogs about Denkfest

There is a  lot to be said for people who will pay to visit the beautiful city of Zurich and spend most of their time sitting in a darkened hall geeking out on science Рhowever one word would be sufficient to sum them up, and that word is diverse.

It took me a while to think of that word; a word that would do the last four days justice, as what I experienced at Denkfest in Zurich was beyond anything I’ve really experienced before. Continue reading