Glasgow Shopping Centre Calls In… Paranormal Experts?

What happens when you ask a group of ghost hunters to visit a location at which people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions? Well, long-time visitors to this blog will know that the answer is that they usually find ghosts. Does that mean you’re haunted? No… Continue reading

Whistable CCTV ghost

I was contacted on Twitter today by Scarlet Jones who is a reporter for the Whitstable Times asking me if I’d look at a video that had been sent to them by the Whitstable Nutrition Centre that they claims shows possible paranormal activity happening within their store. You can see the story and footage by clicking here. The short video shows a man walking into an aisle and looking at boxes of tea bags when, unnoticed by him, a red box floats off of a shelf behind him and hovers in the air, then a green box flies off of the shelf next to him and as he bends down to pick it up the red box finally tumbles to the floor too. Continue reading

Rouislip Community Centre Ghost Footage

*update* I may have been a bit hasty with my opinion on the CCTV ghost reported in The Metro. Bob Dezon has pointed out that a similar effect can be created using Adobe After Effects as demonstrated in this tutorial video that he sent to me. 

‘Ghost’ caught on CCTV video at ‘haunted’ community centre in South Rouislip’ claims The Metro newspaper in big bold letters. Underneath is a video that supposedly shows the ghost in question on footage taken from a CCTV camera, accompanied by an account from the Caretaker of the Rouislip Community Centre who says:

I was sitting inside the hall and noticed a figure on the front CCTV camera,‘I looked up at the screen and thought I saw a person but wasn’t sure so went out to check. I went outside and no one was there but I thought they might have quickly walked around the side of the building into the park so I just went back in. After downloading the CCTV footage I was surprised to see that the figure had been recorded onto the system. I can’t explain this.’

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Amber Ja Lee predicts an earthquake in Manchester

I was contacted late last week by a Manchester Journalist who wanted a skeptical opinion on a prediction that a local psychic had made. He had found me through ‘Project Barnum’ and I was happy to take a look at what had been predicted. The psychic, Amber Ja Lee, predicts there will be an earthquake in Manchester. Today an article has been published in which I am quoted as ‘the skeptic’. Continue reading