Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Human Senses and Ghosts

When asked if the church has a position on ghosts during the 2016 Christmas episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage, the Bishop of Leeds replied that ‘Christian theology says reality goes beyond what you can simply measure and see and what is – which is why we’ve talked before about how science can address the questions of how and what but not the meaning questions such as why. So, reality has to go beyond simply what you can measure and what you can see … I think theology takes seriously that there’s a huge dimension beyond what is simply physical.’ Continue reading Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Human Senses and Ghosts

The Problem With Britain’s “Most Haunted House”

I’ve had a Fortean Times subscription for a number of years because I largely find the features interesting, but I’ve found myself becoming more and more frustrated at certain features in the last year or so when certain ghost stories are given uncritical promotion, or when the author fails to remain unbiased. In FT327 The Cage in St Osyth, Essex is given a four page spread and is dubbed as “The Most Haunted House In Britain”. The piece, written by John Fraser, provides a nice introduction to the location and it’s fascinating history of imprisoned witches and some of the spooky activity people claim to have witnessed, but he makes a glaring error. Continue reading The Problem With Britain’s “Most Haunted House”

A Rather Unconvincing Haunting

Very recently The Sun Newspaper ran a story titled ‘Mum and baby son are forced out of their house by ghosts’. This, however, wasn’t a typical story about a family fleeing their home because of weird things happening there and asking for help. This was the story of Vanessa Mitchell who is so scared of her haunted house that she started to do ghost tours around it. The article in The Sun said:

She is still shackled with the mortgage on the £147,000 two-bed cottage — once a prison for WITCHES in St Osyth, Essex. In a desperate bid to make ends meet she is opening it up to ghost tours.

It sounded like this was a new venture of hers, but a little digging around online revealed that such events have been taking place at the house – known as The Cage because of its notorious history – for years. Olympia Paranormal charged their customers £35 a head to visit the house for a ghost hunt in August 2011 and the aptly named ‘Investigators of Paranormal Phenomena’ group charged people £25 to attend a ghost hunt there in October 2011. Continue reading A Rather Unconvincing Haunting