Give us a wave, Bownessie!


2014 bownessie full picture
A view of the original photo (screen capped)

It’s 2014, and after an absence from the media of quite some time, the Bownessie lake monster has made headlines once more. Mr Matt Benefield got in touch with the West Morland Gazette to say he thought he might have captured the mysterious beast in a photograph he took when walking in Windermere on January 12th. Continue reading Give us a wave, Bownessie!

The Monster Men

It isn’t very often that you are asked whether you would be at all interested in going monster hunting with an investigator you’ve admired for the majority of your life, which is why when the organisers of QEDcon asked me in 2011 if I’d be up for visiting Lake Windermere and Loch Ness with Joe Nickell I said ‘YES PLEASE!’. Not only did it fill me with immense joy that Joe would be speaking at QEDcon in March 2012, I danced around the room because I would be investigating two lake monsters with the legendary Joe Nickell – the man whose work I have admired from afar for a long time. Continue reading The Monster Men

Lake Monster Mysteries

I’m really excited to be able to say that the latest episode of the Monster Talk Podcast features an interview with yours truly about the Bownessie lake monster and the Tom Pickles photograph that first really hooked my attention on the case. Hello to those who may have been brought to my blog because of the interview – I want to reiterate the point that I am an amateur researcher when it comes to things such as ghosts and monsters – and Bownessie is the first lake monster case that I’ve ever really gotten involved with.

You can read my initial article about my research here and a ffollow-uparticle here. Research is still ongoing and I really hope that at some stage in the future I can visit the area in which Bownessie has been allegedly seen – especially as my BARsoc colleagues live so close to the lake.

So, please do go and listen to Monster Talk, it was great fun and I’ll admit I was very nervous being on the podcast. It’s one of my favourites and I really admire Karen,  Blake and Ben. Check out their back catalogue of episodes too – it’s worth it.

Revisiting Bownessie

In my initial article considering the case of the “Bownessie” lake monster in detail, I concluded that I felt that the most likely cause for the various sightings of the monster was simple misidentification of fish, objects and other animals in the lake. After I published my article online I received feedback from one of the eyewitnesses, Linden Adams, who took the first photo that allegedly shows the monster in the lake. Continue reading Revisiting Bownessie