Can We Please Stop Arguing About Which Human Rights Matter Most?

Last week Ireland overwhelmingly voted in favour of a change to their constitution that will allow same-sex couples the same marriage rights as others. They were the first country to do this by vote which is both odd but also encouraging. Go, Ireland!

Victories like this one should be celebrated and cherished even though gaining the right to marry doesn’t solve all of the issues LGBT people face. I don’t believe that anyone who campaigned for the change to the constitution believed it would, but it’s a good start. Continue reading Can We Please Stop Arguing About Which Human Rights Matter Most?

Take Action: Don’t Criminalise Sex-Selective Abortion

I don’t know whether or not I would have an abortion and I don’t know if I would have an abortion based upon predicted gender. I’ve never been in that position and I’ve never had to make that choice. Perhaps I wouldn’t care either way what gender my child was? Either way, I’m not egotistical enough to think that other people should live their lives just as I live mine and that’s why I’m pro-choice. Fiona Bruce MP & chairwoman All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group has proposed an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill which aims to make abortion on the grounds of gender a specific criminal offence, a move that has been dubbed a ‘trojan horse attack’ by Abortion Rights who have today called upon their supporters to urge their MPs to vote against the amendment. Continue reading Take Action: Don’t Criminalise Sex-Selective Abortion

Abortion, AIDS, and Sarah de Nordwall on The Big Questions

This morning on BBC One’s The Big Questions (Episode 15 of Series 7) Sarah de Nordwall of Catholic Voices defended Joseph Ratzinger (the previous pope) and his argument that ‘the distribution of condoms aggravated the problem of HIV/AIDS, rather than helping to contain the virus’ [Source] by herself claiming that abstinence was better at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and that “condoms don’t stop the spread of HIV.” Continue reading Abortion, AIDS, and Sarah de Nordwall on The Big Questions


Earlier this week I discovered the ‘Society for the Protection of Unborn Children’ (SPUC) were holding anti-abortion protests across the UK on the 44th anniversary of the Abortion Act. One of these was to be held in the city of Bath and as I am local and pro-choice I decided to organise a pro-choice counter demo to show that not everyone agrees with SPUC’s views on abortion (not the mention their views on gay marriage, contraception and more).

I discovered there were other pro-choice counter demonstrations being organised in Edinburgh, Newcastle and elsewhere and copied their method of marketing by making a Facebook group and tweeting about the event as much as possible. Word soon got around and this morning I found myself as part of a twenty-four strong group of pro-choice demonstrators old and young, male and female, standing united outside The Curfew Inn on London Road in Bath opposite a long line of pro-life SPUC protestors. Continue reading SPUC OFF!