The Police Should Use Psychics? Let’s All Freak Out!

The Telegraph have reported that ‘Psychic help finding missing people should not be ruled out, police officers told’

‘What in the Sam Hell is this bullshit from the UK College of Policing?’ asks Doubtful News, ‘Where do they get the foundation? Taxpayers may not be pleased.’

Firstly, calm down. This is not the College of Policing saying that psychics are real or that psychic insight is a valid form of investigation to be used in missing persons cases. They’re actually just holding a consultation about investigation practices in missing persons cases to make sure they are doing the right things with their resources. It runs until October. As a UK tax payer I am pleased that such consultations happen.

In the consultation documentation the College of Policing states ‘High-profile missing person investigations nearly always attract the interest of psychics and others, such as witches and clairvoyants, stating that they possess extrasensory perception. Any information received from psychics should be evaluated in the context of the case, and should never become a distraction to the overall investigation and search strategy unless it can be verified. These contacts usually come from well-intentioned people, but the motive of the individual should always be ascertained, especially where financial gain is included. The person’s methods should be asked for, including the circumstances in which they received the information and any accredited successes.

This is what some skeptics are getting their knickers in a twist about. The fact is though that self-proclaimed psychics have been approaching the police with tips about crimes for a very, very long time and the police, obviously, need to have a procedure in place to deal with this that doesn’t compromise the resources in the investigation but also doesn’t compromise the outcome investigation itself either positively or negatively. There have been several concerning incidents in the past where psychics have been listened to and the investigation has been derailed as a result. We’re quick to wag our fingers disapprovingly at the police for listening to psychics… but when they hold a consultation- the outcome of which will not be known until after October, by the way -about best practice in this sort of situation we wag our fingers in disapproval again.

How about, instead, taking part in the damn consultation? You can find their current information on the handling of psychics (and other practices) tips here and you can download the consultation form here to send back to them.

Be proactive and not reactive.

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8 thoughts on “The Police Should Use Psychics? Let’s All Freak Out!”

  1. I know it’s not a big problem in the UK but in the US people have gone to jail based on evidence from “psychics”

  2. I could find the release but a case in Texas where a psychic contacted the local police and reported a That many children had been murdered at the location. The police arrested the home owner and his wife and searched the house when that proved futile they got heavy equipment and tore up the grounds.

    1. Ah yes, that was one case I was familiar with that had been heavily condemned for the way in which that particular police force reacted to the situation. I see that as an isolated incident though.

    2. It’s pnly a matter time before something like the “Satanic Panic” happens again in the crazy parts of America

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