doubt, it’s complicated!

Perhaps I have this perspective of mine because of the two years I’ve been part of the Righteous Indignation Podcast, or perhaps it is because I come to skepticism as someone who used to hold illogical beliefs? Either way, I cannot help but think that sometimes the people who call themselves skeptics often assume too much about the people they are criticising. I’ve thought this for a while, but it’s something that was reinforced in my mind when I happened to share on twitter & facebook that I was going to read the book that a psychic had given to me as a gift a few weeks ago. The book is called ‘I dared to call him father’ by Bilquis Sheikh, and is about the dialogue between Muslims & Christians, and faith and courage. Continue reading

If Cox is a "nobber" then so am I*

Roy Stemman has been not at all childish in calling Professor Brian Cox a “nobber” in retaliation for Professor Cox daring to say on twitter…

“Just heard we got complaints about lack of BBC balance about ghosts – there are some utter nobbers out there! Here is my official statement, which also has the benefit of being fact. There are no ghosts, so it would be silly to believe in them.”


A beginners guide to doubting everything

I became a skeptic four years ago today. I say that but it’s not entirely accurate, what I should instead write is that ‘I became open-minded four years ago today’, and allowed that open-minded approach to seep into all aspects of my life. Until July 9th 2007 I held a belief in ghosts and an afterlife and I accepted the idea that rituals associated with my belief in ghosts had merit (such as smudge sticks will rid a house of a ghost, amulets will protect you from evil entities, Latin prayers are a must etc.) Continue reading

Lake Monster Mysteries

I’m really excited to be able to say that the latest episode of the Monster Talk Podcast features an interview with yours truly about the Bownessie lake monster and the Tom Pickles photograph that first really hooked my attention on the case. Hello to those who may have been brought to my blog because of the interview – I want to reiterate the point that I am an amateur researcher when it comes to things such as ghosts and monsters – and Bownessie is the first lake monster case that I’ve ever really gotten involved with.

You can read my initial article about my research here and a ffollow-uparticle here. Research is still ongoing and I really hope that at some stage in the future I can visit the area in which Bownessie has been allegedly seen – especially as my BARsoc colleagues live so close to the lake.

So, please do go and listen to Monster Talk, it was great fun and I’ll admit I was very nervous being on the podcast. It’s one of my favourites and I really admire Karen,  Blake and Ben. Check out their back catalogue of episodes too – it’s worth it.