How To Survive While Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting can be a dangerous hobby, and I’m not just talking about the furniture being thrown at you by invisible angry people or the risk of being possessed by Satan. I started to actively hunt for ghosts at the age of eighteen, and with a small group of others, I would visit businesses and homes after the sun had set to see if we could find evidence of the paranormal. We’d mimic what we saw on paranormal television shows because we knew no better, and we would ask empty rooms “is there anybody here with us? Give us a sign of your presence” in voices that we attempted to make sound mysterious and yet business-like. Continue reading

Don Philips Plays The Science Game. Loses.

According to Mike Lockley of the Birmingham Mail, paranormal researcher Don Philips ‘has allowed scientists to pore over his unique talents and emerged with reputation untarnished.’ When I read this I had to do a double take – readers of my blog may be familiar with the issues I have with Don Philips and his research methods, so to discover he had worked with scientists to prove his abilities once and for all was news to me and my skeptic senses started tingling straight away. Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid Of Ouija Boards

Can Ouija Boards summon demons? Are Ouija Boards dangerous? Can Ouija Board possess you? No. The only threat a Ouija Board poses to your health and safety is if someone throws it at your head, sometimes the square boards have sharp corners that could take an eye out if you’re not careful and some people use Ouija Boards in dark rooms with candles lit which can pose a fire risk if knocked over. Continue reading

REVIEW: The Longleat House Ghost Tour

Something strange has happened to Longleat Safari Park. A vampire has taken up residence in the Bat Cave, enormous pumpkins are sprouting up all around the grounds, a coven of witches have taken up residence in the main hall of the beautiful Longleat House and things that ought to lurk only in the shadows have taken to roaming the corridors in the dark basements and attics. Continue reading