The dog and the angry man

18 May, 2011 // 9 Comments

We were in the dimly lit function room of a village pub somewhere in the heart of Wiltshire trying to contact the ghost that had been seen walking through that area. It was raining outside, all of the customers had gone home a long time ago and we had come to the conclusion that the basement was the centre for the activity – I forget how we [...]

Mediums aren’t like plumbers

6 May, 2011 // 12 Comments

Recently on the Righteous Indignation Podcast we released an interview we conducted with Steven Upton who is a medium, as well as a Minister for the Spiritualist’s National Union and the SNU’s communications director. It was released in two parts and you can find part one here and part two here. One question that was asked during the [...]

My first visit to a crop circle

4 May, 2011 // 6 Comments

“Crop circles are boring! Why not visit something like Avebury instead?” I grumbled into my microphone during the recording of another episode of the Righteous Indignation podcast. It was a few months ago now, but the words echoed through my head as I waded through chest-deep rape seed oil crop, trying to locate the centre of the crop [...]

An Easter Poem for Cardinal Keith O’Brien

24 April, 2011 // 3 Comments

If expressing your freedom of speech, requires the discrimination of people who you view as sinners, and not equal, Then who is really the aggressive one? You can read O’Briens full sermon, in which he calls my choice (and the choice of millions of others) to not believe in a God aggressive here. I find it quite hypocritical that in the same [...]

What about the skeptics?

23 April, 2011 // 13 Comments

As a paranormal researcher who uses science and skepticism in her research I often find myself wedged between people who believe in ghosts or use pseudo-scientific techniques to research them, and those who identify as skeptics or non-believers. This is why I’m always keen to speak to skeptical audiences or more belief-orientated audiences [...]

The Other Side & The End

20 April, 2011 // 7 Comments

Many people are fine to live their whole lives treating death as a catalyst to a potential next step for their existence, some people decide early on that when you die that’s it. All done. No encore. Others believe in the existence of an afterlife in one form or another. One thing I have learnt over time is that whatever you believe when you [...]
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