Respect is earned: A follow on

25 July, 2011 // 7 Comments

After writing my initial blog post about the complaint group on Facebook, I got into a discussion on the group wall about what the creator of the group felt was being misinterpreted by the BBC that warranted a complaint. Here is the dialogue: Hayley: Could you explain what you mean about them not having a concept of what mediumship is? What is [...]

Respect is earned

25 July, 2011 // 5 Comments

I wasn’t on the BBC yesterday in the end because the debate about mediums & psychics charging money was shortened because of recent tragic events that the program wanted to cover. Fair enough, and besides, I got to have my lay-in so it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t get to watch the show live as I was editing the next episode of ‘Righteous [...]

logical people being illogical about what "matters most"

23 July, 2011 // 18 Comments

I liked Amy Winehouse because her voice was awesome and emotive. I saw her dragged through the papers and humiliated for the addictions that she had, and as someone related to an addict or two, I appreciate how hard that can be – especially when you’ve caused the problem through your own destructive behaviour in the first place. Amy [...]

psychics, me & the BBC

21 July, 2011 // 10 Comments

*update* I will no longer be on BBC1 on Sunday due to recent tragic events that have taken priority over psychics scamming people out of their money on a daily basis. Today I’ve been mainly thinking about psychics and mediums, and it’s all because of a phone call I got this morning from somebody at the BBC who asked me to appear on [...]

doubt, it’s complicated!

17 July, 2011 // 10 Comments

Perhaps I have this perspective of mine because of the two years I’ve been part of the Righteous Indignation Podcast, or perhaps it is because I come to skepticism as someone who used to hold illogical beliefs? Either way, I cannot help but think that sometimes the people who call themselves skeptics often assume too much about the people [...]

If Cox is a "nobber" then so am I*

12 July, 2011 // 48 Comments

Roy Stemman has been not at all childish in calling Professor Brian Cox a “nobber” in retaliation for Professor Cox daring to say on twitter… “Just heard we got complaints about lack of BBC balance about ghosts – there are some utter nobbers out there! Here is my official statement, which also has the benefit of being [...]

A beginners guide to doubting everything

9 July, 2011 // 7 Comments

I became a skeptic four years ago today. I say that but it’s not entirely accurate, what I should instead write is that ‘I became truly open-minded four years ago today’, and allowed that open-minded approach to seep into all aspects of my life. Until July 9th 2007 I held a belief in ghosts and an afterlife and I accepted the [...]
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