A Rather Unconvincing Haunting

19 May, 2012 // 44 Comments

Very recently The Sun Newspaper ran a story titled ‘Mum and baby son are forced out of their house by ghosts’. This, however, wasn’t a typical story about a family fleeing their home because of weird things happening there and asking for help. This was the story of Vanessa Mitchell who is so scared of her haunted house that she [...]

What can we learn from Derek Acorah?

15 May, 2012 // 1 Comment

The Sun newspaper reported today that self-proclaimed psychic, Derek Acorah, had said that missing child Madeline McCann was dead. The newspaper quoted Acorah as saying: I know her parents are convinced Maddie is alive and I’m really sorry – but the little one has been over in the spirit world for some time. I don’t think she’ll be [...]

Doubt & Death

10 May, 2012 // 5 Comments

When I believed in ghosts I would think of the deceased as being above me, looking down upon us all. I would think I could speak to them and they’d hear me and I find it a little sad that I can no longer talk to the room and sincerely believe that they’ll know what I’m saying since they no longer exist except within memories. [...]

What are you doing, pro-choice allies?!

4 May, 2012 // 17 Comments

I’ve just read a really interesting blog post by Jen McCreight in which she Liveblogged a talk by Abby Johnson called ‘do women have too many rights?’ at the University of Washington, sponsored by Students for Life of America and the Catholic Newman Center. Throughout the talk Johnson promoted nonsense ideas that Jen touches [...]

The shadow cast by The Sunshine Man

26 April, 2012 // 1 Comment

I can remember when my grandad found out about me being on the news because I had challenged the claims being made by HOTS Bath and the illnesses they claimed. He exclaimed that it was sometimes best just to leave people to it and not get involved (until he saw the news, that is, then he fully agreed with the complaint). I don’t think [...]

Freethinker of the Month

23 April, 2012 // 3 Comments

The Fayetteville Freethinkers just made my day. I just found out that they made me their ‘freethinker of the month’ after reading the article I was recently asked to write for the latest edition of Skeptical Inquirer about my complaint to the ASA about HOTS Bath. You should check out the Fayetteville Freethinkers site and forum [...]
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