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Lembit Öpik Said What About ESP?!

One of the subjects on the latest episode (S8 E8) of The Big Questions was ‘Are we right to dismiss astrology?’ The discussion was prompted after an interview with Conservative MP David Tredinnick (who sits on the Commons Health Committee) was published in the Astrological Journal quoting him as saying “I do foresee that one day astrology will have a role to play in healthcare.” He also claimed that opposition to astrology is based on superstition, ignorance and prejudice. Continue reading

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #8.5

It seems that I was a bit premature when I published the Weakly Ghost Bulletin #8 yesterday and there are a few stories that came to my attention after I had published the bulletin. With this in mind I am going to start publishing the WGB on a Sunday in an attempt to avoid this. For now though, here is #8.5 Continue reading

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #8

Update: Extra stories have been added this week in the form of Weakly Ghost Bulletin #8.5!
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Just A Believer Deep Down*

A popular reaction to the piece I wrote regarding comments made by Amy Bruni has been to assume that I believe in psychics and that I was writing from that perspective. Some even went as far as suggesting that “deep down” I was a believer even if I claim otherwise.

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