I Went To Bristol and Sat In a Shed. For Science.

So much has happened in the last few weeks that I can now finally update listeners readers on, so hold onto your hats and let’s dive straight in.

Last week I went to a house in Bristol and spent an evening sat inside a shed being interviewed about ghosts. Being led in single file through a pitch black garden (avoiding the frozen pond on the way) to a small shed, was the most bizarre-yet-enjoyable podcasting experience of my life, and I once recorded a podcast from inside a crop circle where a man pulled a crystal skull out of his pocket mid-recording, so there’s definitely competition.

The recording was for the Ghostbusters 2016 episode of The Cosmic Shed podcast and I was interviewed alongside a physics expert and a science communicator who believes in ghosts.

You can listen to the show here (and you should follow the podcast, it’s a great format and they produce really interesting shows!)

Elsewhere, horror author Simon Bestwick has recently had his latest book published, called Feast of Souls. I’m really excited about this book (a signed copy of which sits on my desk as I type, brag brag brag) because I helped Simon to develop a character in the book who is a skeptical paranormal investigator. You can buy the book here and check out Simon’s blog and his Twitter account where he’ll keep readers updated on upcoming stuff like interviews with a real life ghost hunter (I wonder who that could possibly be?)

Some more exciting news – next week we’re doing a LIVE episode of The Spooktator podcast on Youtube. You can find the details here. We’re covering all of the usual weird news and media but will also be unwrapping our Secret Santa gifts live on webcam. It’d be great to have some viewers (though we won’t be offended if it’s literally just us. Please love us.)

That’s it for now. I will try to blog between now and the new year but I’ve been terrible at regular updates. There have been many distractions (including the above) but I have some fun ideas for 2017 when I’ll also be properly launching my Youtube channel, plus there’s the 2016 ‘Worst Ghosts’ feature to come, so watch this space…

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