Humanist Ghost Busting: A Clarification

A short while ago I wrote how I am a Humanist ghost buster and this confused a few people who seemed to think that I was mistaking humanism with humanitarianism. While I understand that suggestion I can assure you that I am not mistaken when I talk about my discovery of humanism shaping the way in which I conduct my paranormal research. A Humanitarian approach is certainly a large part of being humanist but humanism is the reason for our humanitarian involvements. Being good for the sake of being good and not for post-death reward is what sets humanists apart from those who would undertake humanitarian work through other inspirations.

Instead of writing a long post about this I thought I’d share this video instead which I feel sums this up in a more concise manner.

One thought on “Humanist Ghost Busting: A Clarification

  1. Great video. …….More great video description. As i know many would not know what a humanists is nevermind how it works.. guess many after watching this will agree that the world has nust gotten a few more HUMANISTS.

    GREAT!..I state that in a good way mind?..its always good to know what you are ilife and what you practice.


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