Ghost Event Company In Being-Insensitive Shocker!

Simply Paranormal UK, who charge the public to attend ghost-hunting themed events at allegedly haunted places across the country (“act like what them people on the TV do for a night and pay us for the privilege”) have caused offense after referring to a now-closed mental health treatment centre as a “lunatic asylum” in their publicity of an upcoming event in Leicester.

The Leicester Mercury reported that ‘in a posting on Facebook, Simply Paranormal UK used the term when announcing an event in May this year. The posting said: “We are pleased to announce another Mental Asylum. The Towers Lunatic Asylum in Leicester – Ghost hunting never got even more exciting.”  The Towers began its life in 1869 as the “Leicester Borough Lunatic Asylum” but its name has changed over the years.’

Ghost hunting… never got… even more exciting…

Terrible sentence structure aside, the name change was prompted, I’m sure, when it became obvious that describing those with mental illness as “lunatics” wasn’t actually very helpful or nice. But why on earth would a paranormal tourism company give a crap about what is helpful, decent or right? Ghost Tourism event companies never cease to scrape the barrel when it comes to decency! I’ve previously written about a similar company called Compass Paranormal who ran an event in what used to be a Prisoner of War camp… and let’s not even get started on the company saying “…another mental asylum” as though these places are collectors items. Ugh.

It’s not just Most Haunted though. You can watch any of the range “reality” ghost hunting shows out there and the chances are that you will see the hosts put on a show of bravado and “confront” ghosts and “antagonise” ghosts because their priorities lie with having a scary, fun time and not with being decent people. Of course the companies who make a fast profit by imitating these television shows are going to behave in the same way.

They don’t care about the legacy of the people whose ghosts they claim to be chasing, they just want to ramp up the fear factor to sell tickets and you don’t do that by saying “hey everyone, we’re investigating a premesis in which people received treatment for a variety of mental illnesses that will probably have little or no impact on our event.” The fear factor comes from referring to such a place using outdated language like “lunatic asylum” which loosely suggests that mentally ill dead people are scarier than regular ghosts and there aren’t enough adjectives in my dictionary to describe how fucked up that is.

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  1. It has long been established that, for instance, English or American Civil War battlefields provide plenty of ghostly experiences because lots of people died traumatically in these places, therefore their unquiet spirits cannot rest in peace. Even battlefields from the Roman era sometimes provide apparitions because that’s kinda cool, though it’s generally reckoned that ghosts, for whatever reason, have a limited shelf-life, so very old ones are less common.

    On the other hand, ghost-hunting at Auschwitz isn’t even mentioned as a possibility. Of course not – that would go so far beyond the boundaries of good taste that it’s simply unthinkable. Yet, if this was a real phenomenon, such places would be so riddled with hordes of very fresh ghosts howling in agonized outrage that it couldn’t fail to become obvious to mainstream science. The ghost-hunting community assume that any place in which anybody died, ideally by violence, but at a pinch by any means at all, must be haunted, yet if the number of people who died is such that normal people regard that site as sacrosanct and immune from cheap exploitation, somehow hauntings don’t occur at all, even though there should be an overwhelmingly greater number of them.

    By every imaginable law of how real things actually work, this suggests that what we’re we’re looking at here is something not real in the accepted sense of actually being a thing that happens, as opposed to a thing that people pretend is real because for some reason they want it to be.

    Incidentally, 9 years ago, the old and lonely previous inhabitant of the house I live in died roughly 3 feet from where I’m typing this, and lay rotting for quite a while before he was discovered. And 3 years ago, the old man in the adjoining property on the other side of the wall died about 10 feet from this spot, and it was several days before anybody noticed. Quite apart from the fact that there’s a graveyard about 200 yards away, I sleep every night within 20 feet of the places where two people died in the past decade, quite possibly in pain, fear and misery. I’ve never noticed anything unusual. Of course, neither of these men was a celebrity in any way, and there was nothing sensational about their deaths. If I could afford to live in a huge, ancient mansion once briefly inhabited by somebody who married Henry VIII and ended up being decapitated hundreds of miles away, I could doubtless expect to encounter the unfortunate lady on a regular basis, with or without her head. Remind me never to marry a reigning monarch – in the event of a messy divorce, I’ll have a surprisingly unrestful afterlife.

  2. They make me sick.halfwits Tv wannabe ghost hunters. Keep your trap shut if you cant think of the correct phrasing for things but lunatics and mental asylum is not the correct manner of describing such a location i myself suffer from depression as countless other people around the world do also so does this make me a lunatic and there for should be in a asylum so i will be having personal words with my with them myself soon.

  3. What a load of P.C lefty w#@k.. The place was originally called a lunatic asylum therefore that is the correct original name. End of.

  4. Well done, your childish response makes no sense.. To quote your own article ‘The towers began its life in 1869 as the’ ‘Leicester Borough lunatic asylum’ So unless got a time machine you’ve got no argument..

    Super lefty P.C people like you think we shouldn’t call black boards ‘black’ for fear of offending black people.. The extremely slow clap …….

  5. Haha!?.. Witty……Sigh. Never mind I’m sure many people would want to visit a haunted ‘mental health centre’.. Spooky scary name!

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