Contact Hayley

‘I have a question for you.’

Feel free to submit it via the form below. If I am not able to offer an answer or opinion I will try and point you in the direction of somebody who may be able to help.

‘Will you investigate my ghost?’

There are some cases that I will not become involved in if I think it would be unethical of me to do so, however please feel free to get in touch with an experience, or perhaps photos or videos that you would like my opinion on. Not all cases are published on my blog.

‘Will you speak for my group?’

I am always willing to deliver talks for groups but I have a few basic requirements. My talks require a microphone, speakers and the means to present a slideshow. I also require travel costs to be met (in advance iF possible) and overnight accommodation to be provided (a B&B or hotel) if return travel is not possible on the same say.