Humanists In “Some People Are Women” Shocker

BHA gender quote

Today is World Humanist Day, a celebration of humanist values that has been celebrated on June 21st since the 1980s. I’ve identified as a humanist since my late teens when I first discovered atheism and humanism and in more recent years I have become a member of the British Humanist Association (I literally renewed my membership yesterday.) The thing that is so great about humanism, in my opinion, is that most people are humanists without even realising it because they take their moral code and their ethics from outside of religious texts. They do good for the sake of doing good and that’s really cool. Or, as Dick McMahan once said, A humanist is someone who does the right thing even though she knows that no one is watching.”

It was this quote that I was greeted with as I logged into Facebook this morning. An old school friend of mine had shared it from the British Humanist Association facebook page where it had been posted to celebrate today.

BHA gender quote

But some people weren’t too happy that the quote had been chosen because it says “she” and not “he” or “they”, or that it had been posted on what is also Father’s Day in the UK with one man describing the use of the quote as “insidious”. It also seems that some folks just can’t accept that women are humanists too with another chap pointing out “A humanist should be just a human being-no gender interpretation of Humanism”.

bibbidy bobbidy fuck
I think perhaps this last dude has confused humanism with a cult somewhere that removes the genitals of its members? I don’t know. Humanism is comprised of people who identify as men and women so why on earth we’d ever censor the gendered language we use to describe humanists is beyond me. He and She are perfectly valid ways to refer to humanists because men and women are humanists. That’s how simple it is to resolve this non-issue.

Interestingly, the same quote was shared on the FB page of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and received a similar reaction. It is incredible how easily people are offended, to be honest. Most people accuse “the feminists” (often calling them “social justice warriors” in the process in an attempt to belittle their position) of being over-sensitive to “stuff life this” but clearly that isn’t the case here. If people had been offended that the quote used male pronouns they too would have been overreacting – yet if that had been the case I am confident that the people kicking off about the use of a quote with “she” in it would not have cared at all. Deep down they probably think they’re not prejudiced in any way, and yet any act of giving women- or in this case female pronouns – an equal representation as men or male pronouns is considered an “insidious” or unfair act which involves some pretty special reasoning on their part.

Women, as well as men, have played a large part in the history of the humanist movement and continue to do so today. Congratulations to Prof. Alice Roberts who was awarded the Humanist Of The Year award at the British Humanist Association conference yesterday, by the way.

Perhaps those who protested the use of a quote that included the word “she” may be shocked to learn that religions are routinely used as a reason for denying women power. As a result, women’s right’s activists and campaigners have to challenge religious beliefs and traditions as part of the secular movements as they fight for equality, and the humanist movement in particular has a history of supporting women’s rights – like the early suffragette movement, for example, right through to modern day campaigns.

But I’m not going to spent my time justifying the use of a quote that refers to “she.” I don’t need to. As another commenter on the FB post called Jill pointed out ‘can we not just celebrate this without people getting upset about the quote used referring to “she”; it was a quote from a man, Dick McMahan, so he had no problem and was probably trying to make a point, as we’ve lived for centuries in patriarchal societies influenced by organised religion where “he” is used as the default pronoun. Besides, for the first 6 weeks after conception, we’re all female anyway.’

Preach it, sister.


Weakly Ghost Bulletin #14


This week on in the Weakly Ghost Bulletin I will be using The Hermione Granger Scale of Interesting to rate the stories I cover. You’re welcome.

Is This Video Shot At SS Great Britain Proof Ghosts Exist?

No. It is not.

Firstly, the video is from 2009 and is being reported in 2015 so we can’t rely on the information being reported. Secondly, in the video someone is filming an exhibit on the SS Great Britain which is now based in Bristol. At the start of the video we are told that the voice of a child can be heard saying “shut up” at the 18 second mark and we are told that no child is present at the time of recording. However, when the video starts you can hear what sounds like children talking in the background, as well as the sounds of people moving around the old ship. I can hear someone say something that sounds like “shut up” in a whisper-like voice but there’s nothing about it that sounds child-like to me. It’s probably just someone who was behind the camera speaking without those focussing on what is being filmed realising it.

On The Hermione Granger Scale of Interesting this story is: Boring.

Ghost In Photo Sparks Supernatural Mystery

supernatural mystery - ghost app

The Welwyn Hatfield Times reports that ‘Vicky Mills was lying on her sofa when her grandson took a picture of her on his phone last Friday. It was only when then looked at it that they noticed the figure. Standing in the doorway to the front room is the figure of what appears to be a woman.’

Oh yes. Another Smartphone Ghost hoax. Pretty unoriginal by now though, to be honest. But wait…

‘Vicky said: “It’s so clear, down to the hand on the arm of the sofa. “I know you can get apps to create these effects but the phone had nothing like that on it.”’

I’ll believe that when I see the exif data from the photo. Until then, if it looks like a smartphone hoax, smells like a smartphone hoax and barks like a smartphone hoax… know what I’m saying?

On The Hermione Granger Scale of Interesting this story is: tedious.

Woman Takes Creepy Photo Of A Ghostly Figure In A Bar

photo at spirit fair

According to the Daily Fail ‘A photographer has been left spooked after capturing a chilling image on her camera of what appeared to be a ghostly figure standing on an empty floor by a bar. And to make the image more eerie, Felicity Cole, from Tasmania, was working at a spiritual, wellbeing, and positive energy-themed event.’

Oh boy.

The photo looks like the camera was simply set on long exposure and someone walked through the room and that’s what we’re seeing. Only… ‘Ms Cole told Daily Mail Australia her camera was set to a slow shutter speed – on a slow exposure – but what she captured has left everyone baffled. ‘On a slow exposure, if a person walked in front of the camera, they would look streamlined and it would show the whole body,’ Ms Cole told Daily Mail Australia. ‘But you can only see what seems to be legs and no upper cut.”

Erm, that happens sometimes but it depends on the settings used. Long/time exposure photography involves a long-duration shutter speed which helps capture stationary elements clearly and sharply while blurring moving elements. If someone moved through a photo set-up quickly you’d should expect to see something like the photo above, whereas if the moving elements of the photo were constant (stars in the night sky or water running over rocks) they’d be more consistent while still being distorted in appearance.

On The Hermione Granger Scale of Interesting this story is: You tried.


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Can We Please Stop Arguing About Which Human Rights Matter Most?

human rights

Last week Ireland overwhelmingly voted in favour of a change to their constitution that will allow same-sex couples the same marriage rights as others. They were the first country to do this by vote which is both odd but also encouraging. Go, Ireland!

Victories like this one should be celebrated and cherished even though gaining the right to marry doesn’t solve all of the issues LGBT people face. I don’t believe that anyone who campaigned for the change to the constitution believed it would, but it’s a good start.

It didn’t surprise me to see people jumping on the celebration of this victory to point out how there were still other injustices in existence. Rebecca Watson, for example, sent out this tweet:

I understand fully where Watson is coming from with this but the timing is pretty bad and it doesn’t read well.  The tone suggests that those who campaigned for same-sex marriage don’t care about women having access to legal abortion and I’m sure that isn’t what Watson was suggesting, but that’s how it reads.

Personally I support campaigns for same-sex marriage, access to safe reproductive health care, access to education, evidence-based sex education in our schools, science education not interfered with by religious texts and much, much more… and just because I might talk about one aspect of a campaign I support at one given time, or just because on campaign might have been successful and I celebrate that doesn’t mean I don’t also care about those other campaigns too.

It’s easy to become frustrated, but I sincerely believe that the success of the vote in favour of same-sex marriage in Ireland should give us hope that the campaign for a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland which criminalises abortion by equating the right to life of a pregnant woman with that of an embryo or foetus will be successful too.

Seeing people discuss the tweet from Watson reminded me of a recent tweet from Graham Lineham that also disappointed me:

I’ve debated people on several occasions about how a female Doctor in the Doctor Who series would be great, and a few months ago I was also called onto the radio several times to talk about the all-female Ghostbusters movie because I’m an actual female ghostbuster, but I would happily see the Doctor remain a man if it meant that women in Ireland could gain access to safe and legal abortions. Suggesting otherwise is quite insulting… BUT I GET THE ANGER.

I GET IT. Of course we should be angry! We should be angry because Ireland just had to vote in marriage rights for gay people and there are people elsewhere in the world who don’t have those rights, or worse, get killed for simply being LGBT. This shouldn’t need campaigning. It should just be normal.

Women in Ireland have their lives put at risk by the archaic constitution that doesn’t see their worth beyond that of a vessel and women elsewhere experience worse. Here in the UK we just had to deal with MP Fiona Bruce MP’s trying to push through an amendment to Part 5 of the Serious Crime Bill is an attempt to undermine the 1967 Abortion Act and women’s access to reproductive healthcare. Now we’ve got to worry about the Human Rights Act being replaced.

We all have our battles to fight and not all of these fights are done in public. Since being trained as a campaigner by Oxfam I have written so many letters and emails to politicians and MPs about such causes that I’ve had to create a special filing system just for the replies I get. None of this is done in public which is proof, surely, that although gaining publicity for a campaign is a good way to gain support, sometimes campaigning happens away from social media too.

Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking that because people don’t seem to care about the cause you support it doesn’t mean that don’t care at all. We have to be really careful to not allow our anger to turn this into an Opression Olympics. We have to turn our anger into determination and we have to keep fighting the good fight.

I also don’t think it’s truly possible to order injustices in a rank of most worthy or needing of support. How do you compare women not being able to gain safe health care with secular bloggers being hacked to death? How do you compare gay people being attacked and killed with countries torturing and killing alleged criminals? How do you compare systematic child abuse within a religion with the church interfering with AIDS treatments? You can’t. To do so would be unfair because they’re all desperate issues that need our support.

So let’s feed off of the Irish victory from last week and allow it to help us push forwards and make this world a better world for everybody. Tweet, write blogs, donate money, write letters, go to protests, put a sticker on your car, talk to your family and your colleagues, vote when you can. It all matters. I may sound like a massive lefty but I can’t help it. Ireland just achieved something incredible and it makes the other challenges we face seem less impossible somehow.

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Weakly Ghost Bulletin #13


Strange Orb Visits Space Walk of Fame Museum

Mysterious Universe reports that ‘security camera footage twice showed a mysterious orb’ in the Museum based in Florida. Aptly named Museum president Charlie Mars says that ‘there are many items in here that were brought in by people who are no longer with us. They could be coming back to check on it.’

Unlikely, Mr Mars. The museum may be filled with artifacts from astronauts, space program workers and contractors but there’s no evidence to support the idea that the light anomaly caught on camera is a dead person. It’s just an good old-fashioned out-of-focus particle being illuminated by the camera light source and being carried around on a breeze.

Shadow Stalker: Creepy New Ghost Photo Shows Face Floating In Darkness

face in dark week in weird

This week over at Planet Weird’s ‘Week In Weird’ Dana reports on a new photo that has emerged that shows what she describes ‘a pretty clear, defined human face’. I can see what she means too, but I personally think this is just an illusion. The “ear” looks out of proportion to me. It’s probably just an object in that darkened area being illuminated in a way that looks like face. Check out the original photo on the Week In Weird website.

Including both Mysterious Universe (above) and Week In Weird in this weeks bulletin is great – not because I think they’re rubbish, but because they’re some of my favourite paranormal-related websites that explore contemporary reports of phenomena, even if I don’t always agree with their conclusions.

Ohio Photographer Captures Ghostly Figure Floating Outside An Abandoned Mall

figure outside Ohio mall

Tonya Nester was taking photos of the former Randall Park shopping mall in Ohio when she caught the above oddity in a photo. It is my opinion that this photo was taken from inside a car or from behind a glass partition (a bus shelter, perhaps) and that this “ghost” is actually bird poo or a similar marking on the glass. There are dusty dried water marks also visible which leads me to this conclusion.

hat tip to @anomalistnews on Twitter

Terrifying Ghost Appears Behind Angler As He Poses With Prize Catch

angler with ghost

Nice fish. This photo, it is claimed, shows a ghost behind Wayne Foulkes as he poses with his catch at Ponciau Pool, in Wrexham, North Wales. This fishing spot appears to be in the centre of a built up area of houses. Although I haven’t been able to find similarly shot photos from the fishing pool taken by others at night my suspicion is that this is simply a building illuminated by security lights with fencing or trees causing the illusion of a face.

Pabna School Closed Over Toilet Ghost Panic

Sadly a student at a school in India fell sick and eventually died after using the bathroom of the school. This has led to something of a panic with other children seemingly falling ill after visiting the same bathroom which has been blamed on a ghost. These cases of hysteria are not uncommon. For example, in 2011 a US high school saw an outbreak of a mysterious neurological condition that was most likely a case of group hysteria.

Family Holiday Snap Photobombed By Ghost

19th century photobombing ghost

Technically this didn’t make the headlines in the last week but I couldn’t resist including yet another “photobombing” ghost. To me this looks like someone was just walking up the steps as the family took the photo and they just weren’t aware of them, or didn’t remember them. The person looks as though they’re grey because they’re in the shadow.

Ghost of a Dog at Ruthin Castle Caught In Photo

Again, this story isn’t from the last week but how can I not include it? Julie Ashton of the Manchester Paranormal Team claims to have spotted the ghost of a dog in a photo she took of Ruthin Castle. I’m just going to show you the photos as I think they speak for themselves.

dog ghost ruthin castle

Here is a close up of the ghost orb that shows the ghost dog

close up of dog ghost

…really, Julie? Really?

If You Ban Your Child From Reading A Book You Are Your Child’s Enemy

yes books are dangerous image

I’ve just read this story over on Death and Taxes about US parents who successfully banned the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie because of sex and because, apparently, it was insulting to their christian values.

The book tells the story of Junior who leaves his school on the Spokane Indian Reservation to attend an all-white high school and it has come under fire for reasons ranging from offensive language to sexually explicit scenes. The school board in the Meridian district in Idaho last year voted to remove it from the high-school supplemental reading list, where it had been used since 2010..

The Guardian reported at the time that ‘one local said it subjects children to filthy words “we do not speak in our home”, reported the paper [banning the book], which said the book features “reference to masturbation, contains profanity and has been viewed by many as anti-Christian”.’

In response to this some students raised 350 signatures on a campaign to lift the ban and a local bookstore took heart from this and started a crowd-funding campaign to get all 350 students a free copy of the book. They succeeded, yay! But then, on the evening at which they handed out the free books some parents called the police.

Death and Taxes report that ‘Rediscovered Books worked with a student involved in the petition, Brady Kissel, to distribute the books on World Book Night, an initiative to turn reluctant young readers onto reading with free, super-readable books. They distributed all but 20 books to kids who came in to claim them, but not before parents called the cops to shut down the operation. Police told local news channel KBOI they had been called by “someone concerned about teenagers picking up a copy of the book without having a parent’s permission.”

The book distribution went ahead and then when the publisher of the book, Hachette, heard what had happened and sent Rediscovered Books a whole load more free books to hand out to teenagers which is just so cool. This is a great response to such closed minded actions.

Firstly, World Book Night sounds like an incredible initiative! Secondly,

Fuck. That. Shit. 

Calling the cops on a people for giving out a book you don’t like? Seriously? I genuinely believe that if you ban your child from reading a book you are your child’s enemy. I love reading and I always have. As a child I was considered an advanced reader and not once did my parents ever deny me a book. Perhaps that’s why I turned out to be the liberal, atheist, skeptic, humanist, feminist that I am today (in which case I can understand why conservative Christians would quake in their boots.) Seriously though, when we develop as children and then later during adolescence it’s really important that we are allowed to question the world through our own eyes and minds so that we can make sense of it and ourselves. Books can help us do this and denying a teenager a book because you believe you know what is right for them is patronising and wrong.

“There’s been a lot of talk in American school districts about choice and it centers almost exclusively on parents, without taking into account that young people themselves are individuals with rights to a quality education and to access to information.” – Acacia O’Connor, National Coalition Against Censorship

This whole episode shows just how powerful books are. Inside books live ideas and these ideas are so strong that they scare the closed minded who ban then and burn them. If the scariest thing you can imagine is a teenager thinking for themselves then you’ve got a problem. Why be content with being afraid of ideas?

I’m now off to buy a copy of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie which I hope serves as a lesson to those who got it banned from the schools. You can try to ban books but you will fail because people will read them anyway because books are powerful.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. Martin

Note: Following the publishing of this post I had a debate on Twitter about banning certain books, the transcript of which is here.