Six feet under

I noticed a ‘click-through’ to my blog that came from a forum called ‘World of ghosts’ so I clicked it out of curiosity and noticed that one of my blog posts (called ‘Dear New Ghost hunter’) was being discussed there. There’s nothing new with my posts being discussed on forums that cover paranormal topics, I had just never heard of this one.

One comment in particular, by ‘Iain’, caught my attention and I wanted to respond to what was said. I could sign up to the forum, but I don’t want to so I thought I’d address the point here where I can clear up this misunderstanding. Continue reading

The scariest ghosts

The scariest ghosts I’ve ever encountered are the ones who, for a brief moment in time, lived on my bedside cabinet. These spectres live on ear-marked pages, their every action dictated by printed words. Ghosts in literature span time – from early greats such as Banquo’s ghostly appearance in Macbeth (that I first encountered while sitting in my English Literature classroom), to the ghost of Jacob Marley – with Marley it was the chains that scared me the most.Those chains and everything they represented scared me just as much as my primary school teachers telling me that their god could see my soul and all the sins that had marked it. Until I became Atheist at least… Continue reading

Respect is earned: A follow on

After writing my initial blog post about the complaint group on Facebook, I got into a discussion on the group wall about what the creator of the group felt was being misinterpreted by the BBC that warranted a complaint. Here is the dialogue: Continue reading

Respect is earned

This morning on Facebook a friend posted a link to a group on there entitled ‘Complain to the BBC about their unfair treatment of mediums’. I’m sure you can guess what the point of the group is from the title… Continue reading