Episode One of Be Reasonable is now online, and you should check it out by heading over to the Merseyside Skeptics website. In this episode Marsh and I talk to the medical dowser Anita Ikonen. The show is in the process of being added to iTunes, so I’ll post a link when it’s possible.

It has been great to read all of the positive feedback on Facebook, the MSS website, Twitter and more. I’m really glad people are enjoying the podcast. I was quite amused to see somebody comment on the MSS website that they wouldn’t listen to the show because they disliked me and, oddly enough, the way I speak. They said

Sorry guys, a podcast too far for me, it just seems to me to be taking the interview portion of the old RI podcast, which I always thought an excellent idea. I loved and miss that show, but the good thing about it ending was no more of that atrocious, self-obsessed woman with that awful, awful speech defect, every “um”, “er” and “erm” peeved me greatly. I won’t be listening.

I do have a very slight stutter that manifests when I’m flustered. Very occasionally I stumble over my words so will pause and mutter the odd ‘um’ while I reflect on what I’m saying. Despite this I continue to podcast, interview people, and speak publicly (at both skeptic events, paranormal events and more) to large audiences of people about scepticism and the importance of evidence based research into paranormal claims. I don’t let it get the better of me and I make the best I can out of what could be a negative problem. I can’t imagine letting something as unimportant as the odd ‘um’ trigger unnecessary negativity.

That’s just me though – and if the occasional ‘um’ or ‘er’ really offends you, well… that’s just you.