The Skeptic Community.

I used to think there was a skeptic community. Then when I saw people being assholes to other people, saying stupid stuff, orĀ focusingĀ on things I didn’t think were important I decided that I didn’t belong to ‘the community’. I was naive. Then I came to the conclusion that the community that I had thought existed – the all-encompassing community that contained everyone who called themselves a skeptic, didn’t exist and so I proclaimed that there was no such thing as a community. It seemed to me that the idea of The Skeptic Community was inconceivable given the variance of people and ideas involved. Again, I was naive.

There is such a thing as a community within skepticism, but I don’t believe that there is just one community that we all automatically belong to. Okay, I guess technically there is a wider global community of those who identify as skeptics, but that’s a loosely defined community that I personally don’t feel overly connected with. The only connection people within that community have is that they apply the term ‘skeptic’ to themselves. Nothing more. Continue reading